How to Create a Perennial Flower Garden for Next to Nothing
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How to Create a Perennial Flower Garden for Next to Nothing

No matter how tight your budget is you can have a beautiful perennial flower garden. All it really takes is a little time and patience and a lot of ingenuity.

We would all like to have a big, beautiful perennial flower garden like the ones we see in all the home and garden magazines, but with the economy in the state it is in, who can afford it? Well, just about anyone can if they go about it the right way. All it really takes to create a beautiful yet budget friendly perennial flower garden is a little time and patience and a lot of ingenuity.

Professional Landscapers

Sure, it would be nice to have someone do all the planning, digging and planting for us, but if you have to pay a professional it can take a serious bite out of your gardening budget.

Before hiring a professional, try talking to some of the folks who work at your local garden centers or in the gardening section of home improvement stores, they are often quite knowledgeable about the products that they sell. Libraries and used book stores are also a good affordable sources for valuable gardening and landscaping information. And let’s not forget neighbors and friends who have gardens themselves. They are always a good source for sound gardening advise and tips.

Plan in The Summer and Buy in The Fall

I know it sounds crazy, but if you wait until late summer or early fall to buy most of your perennial plants and shrubs you will be able to pick them up at garden and home improvement centers for next to nothing. This doesn`t mean that you have spend your spring and summer looking at an empty garden plot though. You can always buy flats of colorful, budget friendly annuals to add a little beauty until the fall. Fall is also the best time to plant spring bulbs.

Organize a Garden Swap

A few years ago I opened my door to find a small flyer that one of my neighbors had left inviting me to take part in a “perennial swap” I showed up one the appointed day with a box of assorted bits and pieces of perennial plants that I had thinned from my garden, and returned home later with my box full of a completely different bunch of plants, that have over the past few years have not only spread  but have made their way into several other gardens as well. All for free. These swaps can be done a couple of times each growing season, as many perennial flowers spread and need to be cut back or thinned.

Start from Seed

Small indoor greenhouses can be purchased quite inexpensively at most department sores and work very well for starting plants from seed. Seeds for perennial flowers are far less expensive than the plants themselves.

Think Outside the Box

Just because you are planting a flower garden doesn’t mean that you can’t add beauty with other plants. Herbs are healthy, inexpensive, fast growing, smell and taste delicious and almost all herbs flower. Herbs are the perfect addition any flower garden.

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Comments (2)

Very well thought out advice on how to create a perennial Flower garden on a tight budget.

Thanks Jerry. It has taken me years but my garden is huge, full and nearly free.