How To Keep Weeds From Taking Over a Garden?
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How To Keep Weeds From Taking Over a Garden?

Control The Weeds in My Garden How to Keep Weeds From Destroying My Garden

Many of us love and enjoy growing a garden every year. But for some people, there is one big problem that makes them think twice about keeping the tradition alive. Weeds; If they're not controlled and maintained they can destroy your garden while smothering and stunting your plants growth. Although it is near impossible to eliminate every weed in your garden, here are some tips that will help isolate the majority of them.

*When you find the location for your garden and begin removing the grounds surface, make sure you dig the sod/grass out extra deep with a spade shovel. You want to be sure and get as many of the roots out as possible.

*If you have access to a rototiller it will make things much easier. After removing the sod/grass by hand, you can then use a rototiller (a motorized cultivator that works the soil by means of rotating blades) and really break up the ground deep beneath the surface.

*After removing your sod/grass it is a good idea to add some fresh top-soil, which can be purchased by the bag (at your local Home Depot, Lowes or most hardware stores.) If you want a big garden than you can buy it in bulk at a compost or a Landscape Supply Co. It all depends on the size of your garden. If it is a smaller garden, than buying it by the bag is sometimes easier and more manageable. 

*So all of your plants are in the garden and you are looking at a beautiful weedless garden, for now that is. That uncovered fresh soil is perfect for weeds to start their pesky rapid growth. So at this point you want to purchase some landscape fabric, ( a synthetic fabric that is usually water permeable and serves as a weed barrier.) Lay it out gently over your entire garden surface, of course you'll have to use a cutting tool to make a cut-out for each of your plants. 

*Weeds can find a way to grow threw anything, therefore the landscape fabric isn't quite enough. This is the most crucial piece of advise; On top of the landscape fabric, is where you will want to add a 3 to 4 inch layer of shredded bark or mulch. Not only will it suppress the weed growth but also it holds moisture very well while insulating your plants roots from extreme temperature.

Follow these tips and your garden will be one less weedy place. Watering frequently and having lots of sun will also ensure your garden great results.

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