Yard and Landscape Curb Appeal: On A DIY Budget
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Yard and Landscape Curb Appeal: On A DIY Budget

Nothing adds charm and beauty to a house, and property value as well, as a well manicured landscape. A well-kept landscape or yard, is a valuable, yet inexpensive way to improve one's home value; both to potential buyers or to permanent home owners. Easy, cost-effective and not time consuming at all, with just a few simple DIY tips, one's home can truly become a castle.



Nothing adds charm and beauty to a house, and property value as well, as a well manicured landscape.  Whenever an appealing, yet inexpensive do-it-yourself (DIY) touch is figured in, then added value is secured and one's living perspective is enhanced.  A green, well-trimmed yard, with clear defined borders, is very simple to maintain and not so costly.

 Landscape Watering:

 As landscape watering is done regularly of a necessity in any yard, this simple task can be made less costly by keeping the watering down to once or twice a week maximum for fifteen minutes;  being a Florida resident, I can attest to its effectiveness. This is best done early in the morning; however, if stretched for time, in the evening.

 Lawn Decor:

Another simple DIY landscape project would be to simply add an irresistibly cute Bambi or a benevolent statute of St. Francis of Assi; both will upscale the field of vision for a plain looking house/yard with little added expense.

 Outdoor Touches:

 Solar Lights

 Nothing adds charm to one's home or life more than being able to sit comfortably outside in the evening sipping ice tea in the summer or coffee during cooler days.  If one's preference is for an evening sojourn in the garden, then a set of glaring solar lights or solar light stakes is the way to go for ambiance.   Solar lights are simply magical at nights, inexpensive and can be readily bought at most any home improvement store or online ordering website.

 Fen Shui Accents

 This writer prefers western culture; however, the merits of the Asian cannot be simply dismissed.  Is there an awning or patio roof hanging anyway nearby?  Well then, this may be the very spot to hang a couple of ornamental wind chimes to add tremendous charm to most any outdoor landscape.  I once read where hanging chimes in the direction of oncoming noise can many times deflect most annoying sound; moreover restoring peace and harmony to any landscape or home.

 One’s Special "Space"

 This perhaps is the simplest, less time consuming and least expensive DIY project  for your landscape.  Select a corner or a special spot of personal choice in the yard.  Now, simply position a lawn chair, deck chair or favorite stool surrounded by some of your favorite things.  The piece de resistancebeing a small table along side or in the center between two chairs to lay one's Pina Colada or latest unread novel. 

 The important thing is to have one's very own "space" in the garden adding the touch of personal class which any garden landscape so very much needs.  Whether one's "space" is in the shade or in full sun depends on one’s preference; however, it is "my space," and its decorative accessories are your personal choice.


 Another DIY project would be to add borders to the landscape.  Borders can many times break or make a garden landscape.  These too are very inexpensive to incorporate in a yard, yet they offer so much to make an attractive landscape. 

They can be made of plants, rocks or simply solar lights.  One excellent plant which make excellent borders are common plants such as the purple “Wandering Jews.”   They do tend to wander however, so you may have to have alternate ground covering as well.

 However, most attractive and cost effective in many aspects, is a border composed of vibrant, colorful organic veggies.  They will definitely save on your food bill; moreover, they will provide the opportunity for double-duty daily exercise.  However, they are a spectacular way to show off your landscape, garden or home. Hanging tomatoes, raised garden beds or even natural clay or hand-painted terracotta containers contrasting against a bright green yard will do much in your DIY project 

 Today, the Internet offers a vast library of sorts, concerning every DIY project imaginable.  These resources, in tutorial or guide form, abound on beautiful websites dedicated to such landscape DIY topics.  They also are mostly free and are easy to understand and implement. Landscapes also will add lasting value dollar sense-wise to one's home, as well one's own personal values, whatever they be.





Written by Beverly Anne Sanchez, April, 2012

All photos courtesy of MorgueFile







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Comments (6)

Good ideas!

Thank you Ann for this interesting information. Thank you. I am always in your friendship and support.

Beautiful article! I especially like the use of solar lights to add appeal to the back and front yards.

I like the solar lights. 

Thank you all of you for your thoughtful comments.

Excellent tips and timely, too.   Thanks